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Special Investigations Unit

Special Investigations Report Regarding Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center-Amarillo

June 2002

Report Number 02-057

Overall Conclusion

An investigation by a joint task force led by the Special Investigations Unit led to the indictment of Michelle Dorsey for misapplication of fiduciary property over $200,000, a first degree felony. The Potter County District Attorney obtained this indictment on June 5, 2002. Ms. Dorsey was employed as a cashier for the Business Office of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center – Amarillo.

Key Facts and Findings

During the period from June 8, 2001, through June 27, 2001, a total of $266,462.11 was misapplied to disguise the removal of $5,385.95 in currency and coin. In addition, Texas Tech University will be filing a claim against a bond for losses exceeding $275,000 for a 5-year period ending June 27, 2001.

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