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As discussed more fully at Section II, Higher Education Institution Investment Reporting Requirements in Accordance with Article III, Rider 5, the State Auditor’s Office (SAO) requires that higher education institutions report to the SAO certain investment information prescribed by General Appropriations Act (82nd Legislature), Article III, Rider 5–Investment Reports (hereinafter referred to as “Rider 5”), by:

  1. Posting on the institution’s Web site by December 31 each year (a) its Annual Investment Report (Including Deposits) (see bullet points below), (b) its responses to three investment-related questions, and (c) the most current version of its investment policy (or policies, if more than one).
  2. Submitting to the SAO, also by December 31 each year, an Annual Tracking Report for Investment Reporting by Higher Education Institutions.

Annual Tracking Reports should be sent to the SAO at

Institutions can access Microsoft Excel or Word electronic versions of the SAO’s Annual Investment Report (Including Deposits) at: