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Special Investigations

An Audit Report on Special Investigations Unit Report Regarding EuroTex

July 2001

Report Number 01-034

Overall Conclusion

An investigation by the State Auditor's Special Investigations Unit (SIU) led to the plea of Margo Dover, a former Interim Director of International Relations at the Texas Department of Economic Development (TDED), to a Class A misdemeanor - Tampering with a Governmental Record. The investigation was referred to the Public Integrity Unit of the Travis County District Attorney, which obtained the plea. As a result of the plea Ms. Dover was ordered to pay restitution, which included SIU's investigative costs of $3,852.29, in the amount of $5,985.02 and perform 160 hours of community service.

Key Facts and Findings

Our investigation was prompted by allegations that Ms. Dover defrauded TDED. We determined that:

  • Ms. Dover redeemed a complimentary voucher for a first class airline ticket to conduct personal travel to Toronto, Canada.

  • Ms. Dover made personal phone calls charged to TDED.

TDED loss as a result of Ms. Dover's conduct exceeded $1,800.

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