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Special Investigations Unit

Special Investigations Unit Report Regarding The Composite Center, Inc.

October 2000

Report Number 01-004

Overall Conclusion

An investigation by the State Auditor's Special Investigations Unit led to the indictments of Andrew Green, Harold Lloyd Davis, and The Composite Center, Inc., by a Travis County Grand Jury. The investigation was referred to the Public Integrity Unit of the Travis County District Attorney, which aided in the investigation and obtained the indictments.

Key Facts and Findings

Our investigation was prompted by allegations that The Composite Center, Inc.-through its agents, Mr. Green and Mr. Davis-defrauded the Design, Testing, and Validation Program of the Governor's Energy Office (currently known as the State Energy Conservation Office, or SECO) by submitting invoices misrepresenting the cost of goods and services that it provided. The alleged offenses occurred during the period beginning July 1993 and ending August 1994.

We determined that The Composite Center, Inc., and its agents:

  • Submitted documents to support claims for reimbursement of false labor charges. The total of the false claims exceeded $100,000.

  • Submitted documents to support claims for reimbursement of false rental charges. The total of these claims exceeded $18,000.

  • Submitted an altered invoice that resulted in disbursement of state funds in excess of $200,000.

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