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Texas Education Agency

Special Investigations Unit Report Regarding a Texas Education Agency Grant Administrator - Texas Education Agency

June 2000

Report Number 00-013

Overall Conclusion

An investigation by the State Auditor's Office Special Investigations Unit (Unit) identified more than $20,000 in questioned travel expenses incurred by a Baylor University (University) professor and his associates under grants funded by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Key Facts and Findings

  • The University professor was the project manager for 11 federal grants funded through TEA. We reviewed 207 Travel Expense Reports submitted by the professor from August 1993 through March 1997 representing $54,772 in reimbursed expenditures. We determined that 198 of these vouchers contained questioned expenses totaling $20,600.

  • We questioned the validity of required receipts submitted and certain expenses claimed based on federal grant or state travel regulations as well as local travel policies. Some of the items questioned complied with the University's travel policies but did not comply with the stricter State requirements and the TEA grant agreements.

  • We recommend that TEA work to ensure that its grantees are fully informed concerning all restrictions on the use of grant funds for which they will be held accountable.

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